sacchrain_kiss (sacchrain_kiss) wrote in plaza_rejects,


Distant memories from a distant past
Fade into vision
I catch myself remembering voices
Words like whispers, murmur through my head
The breath catches in my throat
As the ghosts escape
And I speak the things they want to hear
These ancient ghosts, for I know what they want
This face I know so well, I hate so well
Calling up reminders of sorrow
I cannot escape it
Imprinted forever in my mind
What they told me, all the things that they said
And all the things that they did not say
Fits of jealousy, left over from my past
Moments of drowning sorrow
The knowledge, sure as the sun
I will never be good enough for them
I am not strong enough
To be loved
I hear it in my mind
Whispers through my head
Dance across my vision like black stars
As ghosts return to me like vultures
My unheard screams racing through the night
Unseen tears that never fall
Gathering below me
Visions of the past clouding my eyes
Till death do us part
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